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Angel portraits can take many forms. Portrayals of loved ones who are waiting for you on the Other Side, portraits that capture the soul and essence of a living friend or family member you cherish. Angel potraits can be soft and lyrical, bringing you comfort, or strong and dramatiic, vibrating with the power of the spiritual. They can be whimsical and full of fun and imagination.

Below are a few examples of Roeckl's Angelic portraits
Click the thumbnails to read about the inspiration for each special angel.

This portrait was commissioned by a client who lost her baby three weeks before he was due.
A client commissioned this Memorial portrait of her parents shortly after her mother passed away, using a photo of her father who had passed on 40 years earlier.
A young girl's grandmother commissioned this piece to hang near a black grand piano.

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Angel Prints page for other examples of Angelic paintings of children.
The first of four Memorial portraits commissioned by a client of her beloved dogs.
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