About this painting:

This portrait was commissioned by a client who lost her baby three weeks before he was due. She had only 2 small Poloaroids of her son's face, taken at the hospital. She wanted him portrayed as an angel with his eyes open and looking happy. She also wondered if her hand could be included in the portrait as that felt important to her. The portrait was to be a surprise for her husband on Father's Day, so Roeckl used existing photos of the father's hands to construct the couple's hands together. The painting shows the moment when the new little angel they had made first opened his eyes in the golden light of heaven.

"Making an Angel"
26 x 20 inches

Client comments:

"It is very difficult to put into words the gift you have given us. You took time to make every detail so perfect and in the end, we have a true masterpiece! So much has been taken from us, but God has not forgotten us. We are slowly learning to walk again and this portrait helped us take a big step. We feel a sense of peace that we haven't felt in a long time, the peace of knowing our family is complete because our angel is finally home. Thank you for helping our hearts to heal." --- Angela

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