About this painting:

"My first Doberman, Gypsie was born Jan. 3, 1979. Little did I know the impact that tiny little pup would have on me for the rest of my life.
When I lost her at 9 years of age, I was devastated beyond words. It took me 4 years to finally realize the hole in my heart would never go away on its own. That is when I decided to look for a puppy. Four weeks later Sera came into our lives.

In the four years between Gypsie and Sera, I always pictured Gypsie a specific way. She would be laying on the fluffy clouds with her angel wings and a gold halo over her. For Gypsie was my first Angel.

I already had Sera when I gathered up the courage to call Kevin for the first time. I told him about Gypsie and how I would picture her in my mind. I sent a specific picture of Gypsie laying down with her front paws crossed. That was a trade mark of hers. She was always a paw crosser.

When I received Gypsie's Portrait all I could do was cry. Kevin had put what only I could see in my mind into a portrait that everyone could see.

The detail Kevin put into Gypsie was simply amazing. I would never consider anyone else doing the portraits for me. Kevin brings the portrait to life."

Patti Fetzer

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